General Electric Build & Release Engineer in Budapest, Hungary

About Us:

We at Smart Shop deliver solutions with which industrial parts inspection, repair and manufacturing is a paperless and easy to follow process (even if it is about super sophisticated jet engines or steam turbines. We dedicate our knowledge and enthusiasm to provide world wide support for factories and repair shops in a common product approach. We help shops from Brasil to Singapore and across several businesses. We are a forming team, with good track record on delivering customer solutions in complex and heavy duty environments at a global scale.

Role Summary:

Responsible for independently developing build and release procedures for a particular release of a product developed in Hungary and USA.

Provide clear status on build quality and content with dashboards and online reports.

Skilled in innovating, developing, and maintaining build and configuration management.

Essential Responsibilities:

• Contributes to the team and works independently.

• Breaks down problems and estimates time for quality related tasks. Increases task level and takes on multiple projects at one time.

• Becoming skilled with various configuration management, build management and continuous integration tools and methodologies.

• Understands the importance of Build and Release as part of development life cycle and with reference to continuous integration process.

• Fully understands the importance of different software environments like Development, QA and Production.

• Skilled in application domain and functional areas.

• Expertise and knowledge in writing automation scripts for build and release processes.

• Becoming skilled with SDLC and methodologies like Lean/Agile/XP, CI, Software and Product Security, Scalability, Documentation Practices, refactoring and Testing Techniques.

• Good understanding of data structures and algorithms.


• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or in “STEM” Majors (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) or equivalent

• Some professional experience in the industry

Desired Characteristics:


Locations: Hungary; Budapest