BlackRock Quant Developer – Alpha Engineer in Budapest, Hungary

BlackRock helps investors build better financial futures. As a fiduciary to our clients, we provide the investment and technology solutions they need when planning for their most important goals. As of December 31, 2017, the firm managed approximately $6.288 trillion in assets on behalf of investors worldwide. For additional information on BlackRock, please visit | Twitter: @blackrock at | Blog: | LinkedIn: .

Job Description:

BlackRock is the largest asset manager and one of the top FinTech companies in the world. As an asset manager, BlackRock helps clients from all over the world meet their financial needs, investing and protecting over $5 trillion of client money. As a FinTech, BlackRock sells the Aladdin investment platform to over 100 global companies and manages $20 trillion on the platform.

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What is Aladdin and the Aladdin Product Group (APG)

When BlackRock was started in 1988, its founders envisioned a company that combined the best of financial services with cutting edge technology.A company that would provide financial services to clients as well as technology services to other financial firms.The technology services were called Aladdin. The Aladdin Product Group is responsible for evolving and keeping Aladdin at the fore-front with the latest in next generation technology and solutions.

We also like to give back to the community through volunteering, meet-ups, hackathons, and support for open source initiatives. Check out our engineering culture: at

The APG Investment Systems (IS) team are responsible for technology utilized by, Researchers, Portfolio Managers, Traders, Risk Managers and Investment Operations.This technology, helps our clients generate alpha, manage beta, construct portfolios, source and manage liquidity, execute trades, and understand portfolio and enterprise exposures.Additionally, the team is responsible for the main workflows of Aladdin's investment process i.e. raising orders, checking compliance, placing / filling orders with the Street, booking trade allocations, confirming trades with counterparties, and settling transactions at custodians.

Investment Systems works closely with leaders in the Aladdin Business to ensure we are commercializing and delivering our capabilities, where possible, to the wider Aladdin Community.

The AlphaGen Technology group (AGT), is a team within Investment Systems, and partner with BlackRock investment teams to deliver market leading performance (alpha) to their clients.This effort includes partnering to develop predictive signals and strategies that are traded on BlackRock hedge funds and other active portfolios.Services provided range from: quantitative library development, model engineering, alpha platform development and investment technology R&D.

The team is global, who value and develop a culture that is:

  • Quantitative: You love applying mathematics, software engineering and new technology to solve complex problems

  • Curious: You like to learn new things and have a healthy disrespect for status quo

  • Experimental: You make mistakes, but learn from them

  • Brave: You are willing to get outside your comfort zone

  • Passionate: You feel personal ownership of your work, and strive to be better

  • Open: You value and respect input from others

Quant Developers work closely with Researchers and Portfolio Managers in BlackRock to develop research ideas and strategies into production engineered models, ready for investment. They are involved in the full lifecycle of the investment process including model analysis, development, implementation, tuning, production support and maintenance.

This involves:

  • Developing high quality investment models and quantitative libraries

  • Extending and enhancing our alpha gen platform

  • Providing researchers with technical advice and guidance on our systems

  • Maintenance, tuning and support of production models

  • Identifying and prototyping new alpha-enabling technology

You will learn on the Job:

  • A deep understanding of hedge fund strategies and signals that drive them

  • About Aladdin - the investment platform used to Trillions in global assets.

  • Machine learning and data science technology and how to apply these to alpha generation

The team value post-graduate degree holders, but also like individuals with equivalent commercial experience:

  • Expert coding skills in either Python, Java or MATLAB. You’ll learn more on the job

  • A deep software engineering mind set. This includes practices such as agile, test automation, object oriented design, design patterns, release management

  • Ability to apply mathematics, machine learning or quantitative analysis to solve complex problems and deliver innovative solutions

  • A genuine curiosity and appetite to learn: equities, fixed income, derivatives, hedge funds or investment risk

BlackRock is proud to be an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, veteran status, and other statuses protected by law.

BlackRock is proud to be an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, veteran status, and other statuses protected by law.